I am currently seeking a full time position as a design researcher or service designer. To see my recent work, click though the projects in the navigation bar above.

My education and experience in service experience design has given me the opportunity to learn a wide variety of human behaviors, needs and desires. I enjoy simplifying complex information into understandable visual frameworks. Specifically, I present data to assist decision makers in identifying opportunities to better serve and connect with their audience. Understanding the perspectives of all stakeholders surrounding an opportunity is key in creating strategies for relevant, sustainable and innovative solutions.

My interests and motivations lie in exploring ways to not only practice a human-centered approach through the research phase of the creative problem solving process, but also in facilitating the meaningful application of the results to an already established process, value system and objective.


Skills: service experience design, human-centered 'design thinking', creative problem solving process, process facilitation, design research, framework development, strategic solution development

Most Valued Tools: empathy, intuition, collaboration, post-its, Adobe CS

Hobbies + Interests: making lists (can you tell?) and organizing, travel and cultural exploration, documentaries, photography, trying new things, learning